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South Korea: Asian Powerhouse Ready to Conduct Clinical Trails to Find the Vaccine for COVID 19

Coronavirus- the term which has spread fear and agony in the minds of millions of individuals all across the globe. It’s far reaching impacts have affected majority of the developed and third world nations as well. With the positive toll crossing more than 2.5 million and the number of casualties well more than 1,00,000 this is perhaps the most devastating catastrophe in human history.

United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain Italy and China have been the worst impacted victims of this deadly virus. Scientists all across the world are working day in day out to find a cure for this epidemic. In the midst of all this chaos South Korea has come up with a relatively well structured plan to counter the virus.

What Strategy South Korea is adopting?

It has been observed through the numerous medical tests conducted that any virus produces antibodies. After it resides in human system for a period of about 48 days they create antibodies or carcinogens to fight the virus and eradicate it. Scientists in South Korea are extracting scores of blood samples from people who have developed the immunity from this virus.

They are using these antibodies to produce a drug which might just help to reduce the effects of Coronavirus. Prophylactic treatments are no longer a feasible solution. Thus the country is looking to launch these vaccines for proper use as quickly as possible.

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Other Options Taken Into Consideration

South Korea have had an efficient planning structure in place. They are not completely dependant on this form of treatment. Other major countries like America and Britain have also used the blood plasma from the body of a cured individual. These blood plasma cells are extracted and they are injected or transfused into the blood particles of a person who is still the critical stage of diagnosis. This is seen to reduce the effects of the virus to a considerable degree.

What Will Be the Feasible Solution?

Only feasible solution which has been sought after till date is the public quarantine and suspension of all civic amenities facility. It is still under scrutiny when the situation will return to normal. Till then one can only keep the fingers crossed and hope for the situation to become better.