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Sophie Turner Survive Trailer, First TV Show After Game of Thrones Is Out

Sophie Turner Survive Trailer 2Sophie Turner Survive Trailer 2

Survive, Sophie Turner: The Trailer For Sophie Turner’s First TV Show After Game of Thrones Is Out And It Gets As Wild As It Can Get

The trailer of the Survive is out now; Survive is the first TV show of Sophie turner after the game of thrones.

What About The Storyline Of The Series?

The story of the TV show revolves around the woman named Jane; Jane has to fight for her survival when her plan is crashed in the snow-covered mountains.

Not only, Jane, there is also another survivor who survived in the plane crash named Paul. In the series, both Paul and Jane have to fight for their life.

So what can happen next, did Jane and Paul survived or they both lost their way in the snow-covered mountains?

Did one of them survived or both of them?

Sophie Turner Survive Trailer 1
Sophie Turner Survive Trailer 

Does the help each other in their death journey, did they find someone who helps them, How they cross these mountains?

To know all the answers to that question you have to watch the series.

Who Can Get The Chance To Work In This Amazing Series?

Corey Hawkins:

Is in the role of Paul in the series who is survived in the plane crash with Jane

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Laurel Marsden:

Is in the role of Kara in the series survive

Jennifer Martin:

Is in the role of Nurse Leslie in the series

Terrence Maynard:

Is in the role of Dr. M in the series

Sophie Turner:

Is in the role of Jane who can survive the plane crash

Elliot Wooster:

Is in the role of Phil in the series

Trailer Is Out Now Or Not?

Sophie Turner Survive Trailer
Sophie Turner Survive Trailer

The trailer of the series is already out now and in the trailer, you can see how both Jane and Paul fight with the situation for their survival, Did they make their ways or lose their life in those deadly mountains.

Did They Survive?

Did they survive or not? I know this is the question you all want to know about the series.

Did they win their lives or lose it in front of those deadly mountains, did they make their way or lose it in the mountains.

How can they cross those mountains without their plane, did someone came there to help them?

What About The Second Season Of Survive TV series?

The second season of the series is depending on the performance of the first season. The season is going to release in April 2020.