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Sony Comes up With PS5 Console Know About Specifications

PlayStation has been one of the favored gaming devices for the millennials. With its out of the box look and superb artificial intelligence user interface, it was a perfect hub of gaming. Over the years the release of PlayStation has invited a lot of excitement for gaming fans. Now there is news that PlayStation 5 would be out soon. Let’s hear some news about the release and the specifications of this device.

PlayStation 5: Design

The PlayStation 5’s new model was unveiled recently. In there we could see two different models of the PlayStation. One was with an optic drive and the other one named PlayStation 5 digital with no optic drive. Pricing for both these models has not been released yet. Sleek Design would be helping to keep the device on an elevated platform while playing. Outer structure was made keeping in mind the Xbox Series. The model comes in with a white and black design. Buttons of the controller are inscribed in black to make the direction buttons more prominent.

PlayStation 5: Specifications

PlayStation 5 comes with a truckload of accessories and features. Firstly it comes with an SSD device. This provides an internal storage memory of 825 Gb of gaming space. Along with that, the device would also operate with 5.5 Gb ram. That would make the work of the GPU and CPU much easier. It has got an eight-core AMD processor, which would make gaming operations very smooth. The model would support both 4k and 8k videos and assists. Assisted by the new Blu Ray Display and Dolby Digital sound, it will provide a unique gaming experience. The accessories that would come associated with the device are a Dual Sense Controller, a new HD camera, etc. The controller would be designed to facilitate the claw technique for gamers. Stick shifts would be provided at the side. A new create button has also been added to the controller, to share the contents of the game with the other gamer.

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PlayStation 5: Release

PlayStation 5 released on 7th April 2020. It had decided to release its own console just after Microsoft released its own version of the Xbox- Xbox One and Xbox Live series in the month of December 2019. It has had an overwhelming response from the gamers, with praise racing in from all important quarters.