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Songland Season 2, Episode 2 : Luis Fonsi Everything You Need to Know Watch It

SONGLAND -- "Luis Fonsi" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Luis Fonsi -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Songland is a reality TV show.Songland season 2 is back with its second episode .

After a marvellous entry with the first episode of season 1 ,it continues with its second episode .

Who is Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi is going to be the person ,to whom contestants are going to impress.Who doesn’t know about Luis Fonsi …! Everyone knows him ,maybe you all didn’t recognise his name but you all must be knowing him by his work .

Everybody has heard despacito…yes yes ,he is none other than but the person who is behind despacito.

Now he is on his path for a new song to record and he is going to perform it .

So the contestants who are going to be a part of the second episode will provide him the idea about the recording of a new song .

And the undiscovered songwriters will pitch original material to Luis Fonsi and the panel will help him to choose one song from all to release for the audience of the whole world for that night.

In the whole episode ,we will get the chance to know about the idea regarding the recording of a new song which contestants are going to propose to Luis Fonsi .Fonsi will be not alone to make the judgement ,there will be a panel to judge and decide .The panel will have different members from the music industry.They all will help Luis Fonsi to decide about the best song of the night .

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When Did the Second Episode of Season 2 Was Released? 

Even if some of you miss it ,you can all watch all the songs on the official youtube channel afterwards.

You can watch the live show on 20 April,2020 on NBC channel .This show is also available on Hulu.

If you want to watch it in HD quality then go for Layar Star channel .It’s already one day after the release of the second episode of the season 2 .Go for it.It really worth it .

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