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Somali To Mori No Kamisama Episode 8: Release Date And Other Details Inside

Somali To Mori No Kamisama is a Japanese anime whose genre is of fantasy. And as talking about the episodes of the anime its expected to have 12 events for its first season. As the announcement about the release date and the episodes have been made since March 22nd, 2019 yet the anime premiere this January. And according to our information, the anime will be streaming in its local territory, i.e. on Japanese network and streaming platforms.

**Somali to Mori, no Kamisama even has one of its alternative names as Somali and the Forest Spirit.**

What’s the scheduled release date for eight-episode of Somali to Mori, no Kamisama?

So, Somali to Mori, no Kamisama episode is scheduled to premiere on February 28th 2020 at 12:00 PM JST.

Where to find the anime Somali To Mori No Kamisama?

Somali to Mori, no Kamisama is a Japenese local anime and streams on there local Japanese network and their streaming platforms, if one hopes to find it on Netflix and other official streaming platforms so its little tricky as it depends on viewers location and region. Tough, you can stream the anime officially at Crunchyroll.

Other Major Details About the Anime:

Anime Somali to Mori, no Kamisama is directed by Kenji Yasuda and had been written by Mariko Mochizuki. Studio Satelight produces the anime. Already seven episodes of the Japenese anime Somali to Mori, no Kamisama are out, and the next one is set to premiere on February 28th 2020. You can watch the first seven episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll.

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