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Solo Leveling Season 2 Renewal Status and Plot Details All We Know So Far

Animes are a favorite genre among teenagers. They get attracted to this genre much more than another realistic genre. There has been a constant surge in the quality of good animes in recent times. With the invention of OTT platforms, animes have got the perfect platform to receive even more popularity. We were all familiar with series and movies like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and Grave of Fireflies. However, Solo Levelling has explored a genre called action fantasy. Although Dragon Ball Z did divulge into this particular stream, the audience have received this particular series with aplomb. The first season of the show was very successful. This just increased the expectations for an even better Season 2. Here are some details about the following.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Plot

Story of Solo Levelling revolved around Sun Ji Woo. In a fantasy world, Sun is a hunter. This is a special term used for fighters who use special abilities to fight extraterrestrial elements of nature. Sun however is not quite sure of his capabilities. He is what you call the weakest link in a group of strong hunters. Once the hunters had gone on an expedition. There they had got stuck in a cave and the other hunters were unable to access their powers. There Sun harnessed all his energy and got to realize his true potential. Since then he started practicing his skills and developed it for the better. An inter-dimensional portal opens up in the world through which demons and other beings enter. Sun’s ultimate focus becomes to use his power to fight these demons and defeat the ultimate boss. He is the one who controls the portal.

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Solo Levelling Season 2: Release Date

Season 2 of the show was renewed recently. It was at that time decided that the show would release around July 2020. No exact date for the release was decided. But then came the Coronavirus which halted all production activities. This has led to an inevitable delay in the release of season 2. However, it is expected that Season 2 will release somewhere around late 2020.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Critical Reception

The first season of the show was extremely successful among the fans and critics alike. It received a nine out of ten stars in the critics review regard column. It has since then become one of the most anticipated anime shows in recent memory.