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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date and Expected Cast, Plot Details

Well, We have heard about the Japanese manga and anime series which are pretty good but let’s just look at some South Korean mangas.

What to Expect From This One

And more specifically at “Solo Leveling”. This manga series was created by Chu-Gong. It has been able to release in English also by the name of  “Only I Level Up”. It was released as a graphic novel on March 4, 2018, and was illustrated by Jang Sung Rank.

The date of release for the second season is something which is still not announced but the amount of appreciation they were able to receive was really something. So, it’s really is true that the whole pandemic has been able to block almost every kind of event out there and until this disaster is not getting under control worldwide. It will not be possible for us to get this one on hour hands for a long time.

The Trailer for the Upcoming Season

For the trailer part, This one is also something that the creators haven’t released but it could be because of the pandemic that they are unable to continue the work and as a result, the whole thing must have been shut down.

The cast of the series is also pretty much unknown but it will be for sure that the main protagonist of the series is going to remain the same.

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The story basically revolves around a kind of portal which connects the world of monsters and earth together. Sung Jin-Woo is a rank E hunter who is so weak that his mates have given him the name of ” The Weakest”.  So, one day, he and his mates are trapped in a dungeon where Sung Jin-Woo was able to survive barely with some others. This incident turns him into a “player” who has been able to see from now on all the quests, he has to do.

So, the question will he actually become the strongest hunter or not.