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Solar Opposites Episode 2 All You Need to Know the Review

There is a new Hulu original created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, which is surely going to give you the Rick and Morty Vibes. Considered as an animated science sitcom, which shows an alien family who has left behind their planet and now they seek refuge in America. They must connect with humans on the planet.

What Is the Solar Opposites Episode 2 About?

The second episode leaves much impact than the pilot episode of the solar opposite. It is titled ‘The Unstable Grey Hole’. The two alien characters of Yumyulack and Jesse came alive in this episode considering the character arc for both did not develop in the first one. 

There are other alien characters namely Terry, and Korvo, who are the dynamic duo and Pupa. These three characters are hilarious comparable to Yumyulack and Jesse. Terry and Korvo are seen to be making the people understand to not treat them with hatred and intolerance. They both believe that humans are an awful being since forever.

Created by the creator of Rick and Morty the characters are also amusing as well with a nice amount of dark comedy which keeps us entertained.

Korvo is the more intelligent one than Terry as we see. Jesse is trying to make people friendly with Yumyulack with the use of his mind control microchips. He wants to make him understand that not all humans are alike.

Korvo is always seen avoiding any work. He always prioritizes his work before any other. Korvo is the clever one who only knows how to repair the spaceship because they want to return. He also tries to spy on his neighbors with nanorobots by flushing them into the water supply of his neighbors.

Solar Opposites: When Will We Get Another Season?

This show brings all the fun, dark comedy, sarcasm and science which we are used to in the Rick and Morty. The detailed story that it has been able to tell is just great. Generally, it takes more than a season for certain tv shows to tell a single story. But Solar Opposites does that within a few episodes. No doubt its already gathered so many fans around the world. 

Two seasons were confirmed even before the first season released on Hulu. So we could expect another season next year same time.

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