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Solar Ash Trailer Is Superb as Fans Are Loving and Can’t Wait

The independent video game developer Heart Machine has announced another good news for the gamers. It has just announced that the new game Solar Ash is coming to PS5. The announcement came on the PS5 reveal stream to the fans. As stated the game is expected to release sometime this year.

The Ultravoid sucks everything

The trailer begins with a girl character who jumps into the black hole. Upon reaching inside there she faces a giant spirit who punched her and sends her to the depths of the black hole it seems. And she starts running in a word which seems quite empty but that’s only the trailer we are talking about.

Our protagonist is fast it seems. She runs to fast, precisely saying it appears as if she is skating on the ground of the unknown world. There is a long sword that she carries to defend herself during fights if any situation comes. But the trailer revealed none such things.

Solar Ash is linked to a personal story

In the PlayStation Blog, the Studio Founder Alex Preston wrote, ” Our second title, Solar Ash, has been about reflection and progress in many ways. Our ambitions are bigger and the team has grown to match. The story still remains personal, but evolves to be something beyond just the weight of the struggle into something more hopeful.” Its pretty personal to the Alex it seems; maybe he had got the inspiration of the game from a tiny story of in his life, who knows.

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Any more details about the game are unknown as of now. There will be more updates released as the release date comes closer.