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Sofia Richie in an Unbuttoned Shirt Seems to Be Showing What Her Ex-Boyfriend Scott Disick Was Missing While He’s With Bella Banos

Sofia riche posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she was seen wearing a really cute outfit which was sexy also in appearance. She was wearing a faded green color shit which was unbuttoned and only one knot was made at the bottom to hold the whole shirt. She paired this shirt with classy dark green bottoms with white strips. Overall the dress was perfect match and was looking real good on the Sofia. It was a mirror image she took by her iPhone and she completed the look wity only one accessory which was her golden bracelet.

Was it a message of Sofia to ex boyfriend Scott Disick

Sofia is a American model and fashion designer which is only 22 years old and still very famous in the industry. She was in relation with Scott Disick for 3 years even after they had a age difference of 15 years and Scott already had 3 kid. They broke up in this summer and it is said that it was Sofia who initiated the breakup but the final decision was made by Scott.

Scott Disick was currently seen with Bella Banos on a dinner date in the Malibu on October 1. And they are rumored to be dating each other now. Maybe this bold picture of Sofia was a message about Scott for dating someone this soon after their breakup that what he’s missing. Soon after this news came of Scott and Bella, Sofia even unfollowed Scott on Instagram so that means there is no hope for the couple to get back together.

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Is it serious between Scott and Bella. 

Bella is also an model, Bella also had a fling with Scott in the 2017 , she even talked about their relationship she said” They they are not only friend’s as they are really close” She also mentioned that ” Scott understands her really well and they have a special connection ” But that soon ended but it seems like that they both are catching back to maintain that connection they found way back. They didn’t made any official statement yet about their relationship.