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Siren Season 4 Cast, Release Date and Other Expected Plot Details

Since it’s inception Siren has been one of the most popular TV shows of its time. A story of revenge and redemption, the show has its own huge fan base. It revolves around the character of a mermaid and her struggles. She is on a quest to find her sister. This show portrays the difficulties and hurdles that she encounters in her journey. Although there has been a slight drop in viewership, people still follow the show on a daily basis. It’s intriguing plot theories and well-made action sequences are very popular indeed. Season 3 of the show was the last one. But now there is news that there will be a fourth season.

Siren Season 4: Plot

Siren basically shows how mermaid Ryn Fisher rescues her sister from trouble in military camps of Bristol Cove. In season 3 we found out that Ben was responsible for Ian’s death. In order to save his family, friends and loved ones he sacrifices Ben’s life. That in itself becomes a big guilt trip for him. On the other hand, as Ryn gets to know this secret she is distracted by the arrival of Tia the Destroyer. Tia is a very powerful mermaid bent upon destruction. Ryn tries to save her surrogate daughter Hope from her clutches.

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Tia’s only objective is the demolition of the human race’s existence. But Hunter saves Hope from the wrath of Tia. Season 4 will obviously pick up from where the last season left off. This season we will see Ben and Ryn joining forces with humankind against Tia to save the planet. Ryn will teach her daughter Hope the skills to survive in this cruel world. While Ben’s dad Ted will help him understand his supernatural skills and abilities.

Siren Season 4: Release Date

Season 3 of the show received a good response from the viewers. Its last episode aired on 28th May 2020. Then there was news that the show will be renewed for a fourth season. No official date for the show has still been scheduled. But it is expected that the fourth season will release somewhere around 2021.

Siren Season 4: Cast Details

The two main protagonists of the story are Ryn Fisher and Ben. Elin Powell plays the character of Ryn, the mermaid. Alex Roe plays the character of the marine Biologist Ben. The show also features Tiffany Lonsdale as Tia and Ian Vendure as Xander McClure.