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Simpsons Predict Corona Virus Along With Asian Murder Hornet

The pandemic is although something which we never expected to happen in this time but it looks like writer of “The Simpsons”, Bill Oakley predicted something like that in an episode of the series about 27 years ago.

Currently, An episode of “The Simpsons” has gone viral and it seems that the episode was able to predict two of the most dangerous events which are ongoing in present.

Oops! They Predicted It Again.

In the episode, the residents of Springfield were caught under the virus called “Osaka Flu”. The flu although comes from Japan rather than Wuhan in China but the most disturbing fact about the whole thing that the way it was able to spread throughout the whole town.

It came from Japan when one of the salespeople who were having the flu who just recently been to that area from Japan ended up sneezing on the most famous juicers which were favoured by the citizens of Springfield.

The juicers of Japan were able to throw the whole town of Springfield in a state of panic which causes a commotion in front of a doctor’s house who asks people to take bed rest and placebos. After hearing that, they thought the nearby truck have the placebos which resulted in taking the truck down which ended up releasing up danger killer bees which are linking the direct fact to the murder hornets.

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Now, It’s Getting Creepy

The whole thing has created a huge commotion over twitter and people are going crazy with claiming the fact that Simpsons predicted it again. The series has been able to provide many insights from future including Donald Trump becoming president of America.

So, with that being said the whole thing has become pretty huge and with that, we already got a lot of commotion around ourselves and pretty bad things are going on around the world. So, let’s just pray for everyone.