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Shopify Launches “Shop” Now User Can Buy Phone From the App

Shopify is a platform that acts as a support for e-commerce sites like Allbirds and Universal Standard. Shopify has come up with its own app which is Shop. The app was released by the company on Tuesday, the app will help the consumer to find the product of their choice and interest by connecting with the local businessman of their area. The consumer will be the most benefitted by the app, as they could search for their local favorite dealer, make purchases, and track orders easily all this through one app only.

The app recommends a range of local brands and makes people aware of the local brand present in their area. The good news for the customer is that the app is advertisement free and will only focus on the product you have shown interest in. The app is available on both iOS and Android. The features available on Shopify e-commerce product like one-click accelerated checkout function, online order tracking service both of these function has been utilized in the Shop app.

According to the company in the times of social distancing and lockdown, the app will help the customer connect with their different businesses, this will help bring the world together. Based on your shopping history you will be suggested the recommended product and you will also get special deals. You could pay through Shop Pay, track your order via Arrive. According to the company it has previously worked to solve the problems of entrepreneurs but now through this app, it will make the customer shopping very easy.

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The app has arrived at the time when most of the people are avoiding visiting retail shops and buying most of the products through e-commerce sights. For the shoppers who like to buy the product from their local shops then you could give your shipping address to suggest local recommendations. Then you could use the feature “follow”, which will help you discover the local shop next time you shop easily.