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Sharing Corona Virus Joke in WhatsApp Group Will Make You to Go to Jail Is Fake News

As the impact of corona virus is increasing day by day,everyone is equipped with the thought that when this pandemic will come to an end.The doctors, researchers are trying their best to find a permanent solution to this.

Corona virus had spread in almost 250 countries including India and had affected almost 1,288,372 people reported being corona positive while facing approximately 70,000 deaths.This is indeed a huge loss to the economy at a global level as well.It seems that the world had taken a pause, and everything is planning to be renovated by God.

The whole world is facing a very crucial time.But still, in this crises even, some people willingly share unwanted and fake news on social media causing more disturbance.Though,those unwanted information will not cause a very severe punishment to the sender, but it is likely to strain one’s mental health.

When the whole world is going under such a severe transformation, people across many countries are following the guidance of social distancing and avoiding social gathering as much as possible, maintaining mental peace is the utmost thing for a human being.It seems that even in this time of crises, people are mocking at corona and not taking this seriously.Is their anxiety making them to do so, or they just don’t even care about it’s impact on the society.

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Fake Holds Nothing

One of the fake news which flourished on social media few days back was corona virus can be cured by ingesting cleaning products that re used to clean fish tanks.It sounds funny.,isn’t it?If this is true, every house in the world will own a aquarium.But, this news doesn’t hold any reality.This act generally depend on the maturity level and failure of recommendations.

The racists blame the chinese for this while some believe that alcohol is a cure to it.But, this is absolutely false.Indian government had showed close concern on social media authorities to put an end to this, yet a serious punishment to the sender is not declared yet. Although, it was believed that he/she will be directly put behind the bars, but this isn’t true!.

But, being a responsible citizen of our country, we should stop practicing and supporting such activities which are not directly published by the associated authority.