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Sex Education Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story and When It Will Be Available on Netflix ?

This series has by far 2 seasons and the continuation seen in the 2nd season from the 1st one is commendable. The show was first aired in January 2019 and the genre is basically comedy-drama and sex comedy revolving around a bunch of teenage students. The most amazing thing about the show is, that it doesn’t mainly focus on their main characters but also highlights pretty well on the struggles of other supporting characters.

Otis, a teenage kid whose mother is a sex therapist decides to help other kids with sex-related problems, with the help of Maeve who mainly does this to pay her rent and bills. We will have to agree on the fact that besides brilliant acting and a great sense of humor, the series raises such important issues as the importance of sex education such as openness, trust and, mutual respect.

When Is the Release Date of Sex Education Season 3?

So, here’s a piece of good news for all my viewers, Netflix has already officially announced the release for hit British comedy-drama series season 3. The renewal came just 3 weeks after the season 2 was dropped online. It is expected to be released on Netflix in January 2021. Such a quick renewal decision can mean only one thing that the viewership of the last season has been more than satisfactory. The coming of a new season was not surprising at all as the series popularity begins to grow around the world and it has become one of the favorite shows of the viewers.

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Sex Education Season 3: The Cast of the Show

It is really exciting to know that all the main characters are already confirmed back to be reprised their roles. This means we will get to see our favorite cast members such as Maeve, Otis, Eric, Dr. Jean, Aimee, etc.  yet again.

Sex Education Season 3: Expected Plot and Fan Theories

After the end of season 2, the plot of next season is likely to revolve around the question that whether Otis finds about the love of Maeve, whose voice message was deleted by his new neighbor and secret crush. Also, it will be amazing to watch the not-so-secret relationship between Eric and Adam. The chemistry between the girls and girl power is also expected to highlight in the upcoming season along with their own twists and turns. Meanwhile, you stay tuned and wait for the other updates and trailers for the upcoming season.