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Sex Education season 3: Everything needs to know 

Well, known famous web series Sex Education is now coming up with its brand new season 3. There is no official announcement of the premiere date, but the thing that season 3 will be coming is truth. There was a marvelous response to season 1 and season 2, with more than 40 million viewers per episode made this web series, a most enjoyable web series with comedic drama.

What is the storyline of season 3? 

 In season 3, we will be watching what is going to happen with Adam and Eric’s relationship. Definitely, a new season will give a lot of threats and complexity with it making viewers more curious about Otis and Maeve’s relationship as we have seen in the previous season that Otis confirms that he loves Maeve by sending a call message to Maeve with is being deleted. 

Let’s see whether they are going to make it by accepting each other, and on the other side, let’s see whether Adam will be keeping his promise to Eric that he will leave with hand.

Has Eric made a right choice by accepting Adam to be his boyfriend??

Will Adam make it to stand with Eric ?? 

There are lots and lots of thrilling part going to happen in season 3.

On YouTube, In Netflix’s official announcement, we have seen that the principal of the Moordale high school Alistair Petrie goes through the art exhibition explaining a little bit about each character giving more emphasis on Adam and Eric’s relationship

Do you really know about Sex Education? 

A British web series Sex Education, which is created and written by Laurie Num is a story about some people of a high school in Moordale where Otis plays the main character. His mother is a sex therapist who some times makes things between her son and herself awkward. There are different kinds of people; some are unisexual, some bisexual, some gay. 

Besides all this is a comedy-drama that makes people entertained by this most thrilling storyline.

  • Season 1 was released on the 11th of January, 2019.
  • Season 2 was released on the 17th of January 2020.
  • Season 3 will be releasing soon. Excited!!

Main characters involved:-

  • Otis plays the main character. He loves Maeve having awkward open talks with the sex therapist mom.
  • Dr. Jean, who is a sex therapist and has got divorced.
  • Eric, best friend of Otis who loves Adam.
  • Adam, headmaster’s son, whose relationship with his dad is not fruitful.
  • Maeve, who is a bad girl, loves Otis.
  • Ola is the first girlfriend of Otis.
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