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Senator Rand Paul Tests Positive For Covid-19 and Becomes First Senator Who Had Positive Test For Coronavirus

Rand paul, an American politician of United States tests positive for the sudden emerging disease coronavirus.

We got to know from sources that currently, he is fine and is in quarantine. Because of his extensive travel and events, he caught the disease. Although, Rand was not aware that he got into direct contact with any infected person.

It is expected that Rand paul would return to Senate after the completion of his quarantine.period. He would continue to work for the people of Kentucky at this tough time.

Check Out What Rand Paul Tweeted


Meanwhile, Aaron rupar tweeted that a group of senators had lunch with Rand paul on Friday and now he wants to seek advice as to whether he should self quarantine. Also, NPR tweeted that out of all the Senators, Rand paul is the first one to test positive for Covid-19. Last week, he voted against a coronavirus relief package out of eight Republican senators.

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