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Self Made: Inspiring Life Of Madame C.j. Walker Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Series

“Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madame C.J. Walker” is an upcoming series on Netflix.

The Summary

The series is about Madame C.J. Walker, her life has been described and also her journey on how she became the first black haircare entrepreneur and also the wealthiest woman of America.

How Many Episodes Are Out??

The series is going to have 4 episodes for the 1st season which is going to be released on 20 March 2020. So, here’s something to binge in this quarantined atmosphere.

What Is It All About??

The series going to feature Octavia Spencer as Madame C.J. Walker. The series is going to follow the novel by Madame C.J. Walker’s own great-great-granddaughter A’Leila Bundles “On her own Ground” which describes her life in the most exact way.


The cast of the series is going to be surrounded by Octavia Spencer, Blair Underwood and Tiffany Haddish with Carmen Ejogo, Garrett Morris, Kevin Carroll, Bill Bellamy, Mouna Traore and J Alphonso Nicholson.
The series has taken a mid-break as the season in total has 8 episodes which means that it’s not just the end of it.

What It’s Going To Reflect??

The story is going to take a cultural and psychological turnover with Madame C.J. Walker being black, the show is going to show racism and other parts of the cultural diversity of that time. Indiscrimination and social injustice are some of the keynote features which are going to be showcased in its purest form possible.

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So in this quarantine time, this might be the best possible situation to binge-watch the series and make sure to witness a biography of such a strong lady.

So, People get ready to witness for the 1st time Madame C.J. Walker and make sure to learn something out of it and with that don’t forget to hold your horses to make sure, you don’t get too excited.

Other than that, keep yourselves happy and healthy cause in times you need a hell lot of that as the pandemic has taken the worst possible shape ever.