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Selena Gomez – Demi Lovato Are No Longer Friends! Reason Behind Their Broken Friendship

The ones with whom you have spent your childhood aren’t necessarily going to be with you in your adulthood. You just thank them for the memories they gave to you and wish them nothing but the best for their life ahead. This phrase definitely is true in the case of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato’s on – off friendship.

The two go way far back before Disney happened in their lives. Both of them starred in an American children television show titled “Barney and Friends” in 2002. And you will be surprised to know that, they both left the show at the same time, joined Disney around a year gap and left that too.

So much of jinx and similarities to share, yet a relationship that you get over it? Why the two famous pop icons of this generation are no longer friends? Read to know more.

Their friendship go way back in time

As mentioned earlier, both of them starred in a kids show, and left the show at the same time too. FYI, both the singer-actress were 10 at the time. Then we saw teenage Selena in Disney Channel show, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and after a year Demi came to Disney with her show, ‘Sony with a Chance’. Both of them even featured in a Disney film. Everyone was cheering for this cute – adorable friendship.

Then, they both grew up fast and we never saw any interaction between them. Both of them became diagnosed with mental health disorders, Demi revealed she suffered from body image issues, eating disorders and a fatal drug overdose. Now she’s in a recovery period.

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As for Selena, well she deals with anxiety issues, body image issues, and she had been battling autoimmune disease lupus, where her kidneys failed. She battled it like a brave heart and emerged victorious.

Demi’s statement about her relation and friendship with Selena

When asked about her current relation and friendship with Selena Gomez in recent times, here’s what she stated regarding the question :

“If you develop up with someone, you’re all the time going to have a love for them.” She added, ” I’ll all the time have a love for her and I want everyone nothing however one of the best.” It is clear that Demi still loves her ex-buddy Selena and wishes her well, but wants to break all ties with her.”

Apparently she has lost or broken off many contacts with her celebrity friends like The Jonas Brothers and her co – stars.

No bad blood between them

Well, surely they may not be in much of contact with each other, but still know when to give their love and support to each other. Recently, on her Instagram story update, Selena took a picture of Demi Lovato’s emotional Grammys 2020 performance and send her love and support to her.