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See Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

You must be sitting at home and binge-watching all the interesting TV shows there is. But such is the situation that you might have watched all there is to watch. And you are on your quest to watch something which might change your imagination powers for a tailspin.

We have just the perfect antidote for your virus of constantly watching movies and shows. One can definitely start by watching See, whose first season has released a year ago. This epic science fiction thriller caught the imagination of people when it released. There is further news that the second season of the show is in development.

See Season 2: Plot Details

The premise for See is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Pepe has lost their sense of vision. But they found out unique methodologies to sustain their livelihoods. Buildings and other structures are tied with strings. People use whips to navigate their ways through the land. Baba Voss is the leader of one of the prime tribes in this place. When an unknown woman comes looking for shelter, Baba falls in love with her. She tells her name to be Maghera and both of them get married. But Voss is unable to bear a child while Maghera is pregnant when she arrives. Maghera gives birth to two twins Kofun and Haniwa who can see things.

This trait seems very odd for the people there. Maghera confesses that she was first married to Jerlamarel. News of this uncanny birth spreads across the empire. Queen of this region is a vicious lady who wants to enslave these child. Jerlamarel was a member of her tribe. He betrayed her when he eloped with Maghera. Queen would give him a chance to redeem himself by helping her. Baba Voss, on the other hand, would do anything to protect his children.

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Season 2 will feature the epic action moments between Baba’s and the Queen’s tribe. It will also show the struggles of real-life that Baba would face to ward off any danger to his kids by using his instinctive capacities.

See Season 2: Cast Details

Jason Mamoa and Hera Hilmar will play the character of Baba Voss and Maghera respectively. Other associate cast members would reprise their individual roles of Kofun, Haniwa, Jerlamarel and the Queen. They would be played by actors like Joshua Henry, Nesta Cooper, Archie Madekwe and Sylvia Hoeks.

See Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 of the show released somewhere around December 2019. This generally means there will be a one-year timeframe before the second season releases. However, if the ongoing pandemic is brought to an end, we can get a second season somewhere around November 2020. But none of this officially confirmed by the producers of the show.