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Season 14 PUBG Release Date, Leaks and All Information We Know So Far

Upon its release in 2017, Tencent games struck the absolute right chord. Bringing about a revolution in mobile gaming, it launched the Pubg (Players Unknown Battleground) 2017 Mobile Version. Over the last three years, Pubg mobile has become the best selling android and iOS mobile game of all time. With a lot more than 1 billion downloads on the Internet, it has truly become a global phenomenon which has engaged the interest levels of both teenagers and adult-like. Following in the footsteps of its success, Tencent Games also launched a mobile version of Pubg Lite, a game with the same amount of mechanics but a lot less enhanced than the original one. Season 14 of Pubg will be arriving very soon. Here are some new updates about the game.

Pubg Season 14: New Themes

Sneak peeks into the new season suggest that it will be more exciting and thrilling than the previous one. On 12th July, Season 13 will end which means that the Royal Pass for the season will expire. Thus if you want to avail the perks and bonuses of the Royal Pass Season 14, you will have to buy it by paying UC Cash. Season 14 will have a string of new updates with the New Livik map being the primary among them. With a framework like Sanhok, it will involve new features like exploration and landscape good for the engaging firefight. Livik will be available on the new update of the game. Along with that new skins for the players would also be available. They will be based on the theme of flame and fire. Thus the dress and the apparels will all be fire-themed, with enhanced weaponry as well ranging from Ak 47 to Groza. Some new weapons will also be made available on the map. But updates regarding those issues have still not been made available.

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Pubg Season 14: Release Date

Season 13 is supposed to end on 12th July. Thus the new season update is supposed to arrive on 12th July itself. However, if there is a minor issue with the release date, then there is a possibility of release on either 13th or 14th of July.

Pubg Season 14: Trailer

There is no official trailer yet. But Ghost Gaming, one of the prime streamers of Pubg has let out some predictions and sneaks. Those suggest that the new season will have many thrills to watch out for.