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Season 1 of Toy Boy going to release on 28 Feb

Netflix is the home of fantastic original programming which you cannot find at any other site. Here you can watch TV shows, movies, series, specials, and many more at any time. Every month, various TV shows and films added to Netflix’s library amaze the audience. You can easily find an expanded list of all fantastic Netflix original series throughout the year. Toy Boy is one such fantastic show for which the audience is waiting excitedly. 

The highlight of Toy Boy season 1

A British television crime drama series, Toy Boy, is going to release on 28th Feb on Netflix. Writer plus creator of the series is Ronan Bennett. The first season of Toy Boy is an introduction to the young people who deal with drugs on the streets. Even it highlights how young people get involved in the world of gangs. In the story of Toy Boy season 1, Ashley Walters plays as drug dealer Dushane. And Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson plays as dealer Sully. In the story, a stripper sets out to prove his innocence for a crime that he did not commit.

Story of Toy Boy mainly focuses on:

The series followed Dushane and Sully, who try to make a deal with the hard choices. In addition to it, the story also focuses on Ra’Nell. He tries to adjust his life while his mother recovers from her mental illness. 

The series follows the plight of Ra’Nell when he is navigating the pitfalls of living on the crime-filled Summerhouse estate. His mother, named Lisa, has admitted to a mental hospital. Ra’Nell has gained a high reputation around the estate due to his volatile behavior. It is because he stabbed his abusive father.

When Lisa is in the hospital, Ra’Nell gets cared for by her close friend, name, Leon, who is a respected enforcer of the estate. Heather, who is Lisa’s friend, helps Ra’Nell to grow a Cannabis crop. It helps her to earn enough money so that she can move off the estate. It also helps her to raise her unborn child safe. Keep waiting for more news and updates for the new series. Stay Tuned!

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