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Season 1 of Restaurants on the Edge is coming on Netflix on 28 Feb

Restaurants on the Edge is one of the premium lifestyle documentaries that invites its viewers into restaurants in some of the most stunning locations across the world. It can be on the edge of the mountainside, on the edge of the water, overseeing a sandy beach, and many more. In addition to the outstanding views, the eateries highlighted in Restaurants on the Edge create an experience that lives up to their marvelous view. Season 1 of the fantastic show is coming on 28 Feb on Netflix.

Expected Story of Restaurants on the Edge

Every episode of Restaurants on the Edge will be of one hour. It will feature a team of three experts who lead a great way in restaurant transformations. In each episode of Restaurants on the Edge, the experts embark on a journey to transform the outlooks of the owners. Also, it includes the transformation of the restaurant. The experts tap into the soul of the surroundings of the restaurant as well as the community. They incorporate local flavors, tastes, and textures that uplift the restaurant’s remodeling. 

About season 1 of Restaurants on the Edge

The first season of Restaurants on the Edge will involve six episodes of one hour in some of the most spectacular locations of the world. Also, it includes Hong Kong, Malta, Costa Rica, Tobermory, Austria, and St. Lucia. The series cast Karin Bohn, an award-winning interior designer, Dennis Prescott, a social media star, and Nick Liberato. Nick is a familiar TV personality.

It will be exciting to watch Dennis, Karin, and Nick, helping the restaurant owners to achieve their dreams and capitalize on their potential. Many viewers will get tuned with Restaurants on the Edge for the gorgeous destinations. Also, they have good tuning with rich stories about culture and food. Everyone can watch the series that will surely make you feel good. Also, it enhances your surge to travel across the world. The series is going to be uplifting as well as inspirational for many viewers. In addition to it, the series is part of the television show, which incorporates design, food, culture, and travel. 

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