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Sea of Thieves Update May 2020: Has Improves Many Bugs Including Daily Bounties and More

Sea of Thieves is a game published by Microsoft Studios. It is developed by Rare and is an action-adventure game. It is a game where players cooperate and is a first-person multiplayer game. Players communicate to explore an open world. Group of players encounters each other during their journey and thus it describes the game as a ‘shared-world adventure game’. 

The game was released on 20 March 2018 and is directed by Gregg Mayles and produced by Joe Neate. It also has Unreal Engine 4.

Sea of Thieves has finally come up with bugs improvements on its anniversary. They have addressed a lot of problems and improved the performance on PC, Xbox One X, and Xbox One. Also, along with the bugs removal, Craig Duncan (studio head) and Joe Neate (executive producer) has updated many things about the game like fixation things and what’s coming next.

Sea of Thieves: Fixed Issues

  1. The loading time has been improved and now the Sea of Thieves will take less time to load.
  2. The game is supposed to perform better on Xbox than before.
  3. They also tackled and resolved many server stability and client issues.
  4. Lightings have been improved and movement of water within the ship has also been improved.
  5. Characters are not going to lose many details such as scars and hair color.
  6. Also, if any of the players have redeemed their Black Dog Pack code, they can see these in their in-game chests. You just need to check your live message on Xbox for the next couple of days.
  7. There’s no chance of players losing their weapons and items while loading into the game.
  8. Improved movement of animals and skeleton around the slopes. Also, snakes behavior has been checked and they will face players when nervous.  
  9. Players will be able to accept the game’s invitation and the game will not enter an unresponsive state whilst matchmaking.
  10. Tearing of ships while using small ships and tearing while inside the Taverns, both have been drastically reduced.

I hope all of you are excited about this update and let us know what you think about it.

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