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Sea of Thieves Review (2020) All You Need to Know

ìXbox has been a very popular means to play video games ever since the concept was developed. From children to adults, everybody is seen to indulge themselves completely in the world of online gaming.

To say that it is popular is an understatement. Online gaming and Xbox have turned out to be a phenomenon with no sign to stop.

Various games have been a staple in this online mode of gaming.

Funnily, we have also seen several family disagreements erupt around this very addictive mode of gaming.

More than often, the games available on Xbox are so addictive and entertaining that people often forget their daily chores owing to it. Sea of Thieves, one of the games available on this platform has gained popular notoriety. The game which was first developed by Rare and brought in by Xbox in 2018 has been quite popular.

This online multiplayer game is sure to give you a medieval pirate-like vibe.

Recently, the game had also been launched to be available on Steam from June 3, as announced by Microsoft.

So, how good is this game? Read on to find out.

Is Sea of Thieves a good game?

If one talks about the scenery and graphics of the game, then it is sure to throw the ball out of the park.

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The vibe of the sea with the setting sun only enlightens the beauty of the game.

The realism in playing the game is beyond comprehension. The wind caught in the sails, the sound of the waves, the roar of the seawater is a beautiful experience when coupled with the whole experience.

This game is unlike all other games on the platform. It comes with the added perk of customization every time you log into the game. It simply means you can build your ship differently every time you play.

The world in this game is ever-shifting and that is what makes the game so spontaneous.
Every time the player is allowed to start from a new outpost where you can collect for the amenities like wood and food which you may need later in the game.

Ever since the game was launched, it has been revamped and a number of features have been added like new areas such as a volcanic area called “Devil’s Roar”, among many others. All in all, this game is a whole new experience as all players can unlock more and more adventures with passing levels.

The spontaneity of the game is astounding.

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