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‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: ‘Snl at Home’ Is a Rocky Return or Not ,And a Touching Tribute

On March 7th, the Saturday Night Live episode aired and it was hosted by Daniel Craig and the musical guest was The Weeknd. Now, SNL returned with a new episode. This episode had the cast perform sketches which were pre-taped.

They were done through the app, Zoom and some other applications. They tried to give viewers, who are at home, something to feel normal during these abnormal times.

Who was the host?

For this episode, the host was Tom Hanks. He was diagnosed with Coronavirus in the last month. Hanks performed a ‘SNL’ monologue. By the use of his status as “America’s dad”, they had him navigate the episode at the very start. However, he did speak his special comforting tone. It was the best thing to listen to at that point. He got things going and was terrific as a host.

What did we think of this episode?

Since the episode was pre-recorded, it is very hard to review it. There is no one from the production team, there are no sets. There is no special makeup. And the worst thing was that there was no audience who would usually laugh it off. The show has a lot of talented cast and writers. They really did good without an audience.

The sketch which reveals that this week has the return of Kate McKinnon and receptionist characters by Aidy Bryant in ‘Zoom Call’. This was a special episode that would have done so well if it had an audience sitting there. This time, the format was basically ‘SNL at Home’. Because the episode was pre-recorded, short sketches were the best thing to do. This sketch went on for around six minutes. ‘RBG Workout’ went on for nearly four minutes. This made it the longest one of the night.

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This sketch has maybe taught Saturday Night Live something they should not do if they do this theme again. That is, if the sketches have a some from the cast taking over in a live format, it would lead to a break in the cast. But here, McKinnon and Bryant basically take over the sketch while everyone else have nothing left to do.

That is why, the remaining part of the episode focuses on one cast member is so better. Firstly, it allows the cast member to show their talents more freely. Secondly, it would provide audience with a better perspective.


To sum up, when Alec Baldwin comes on audio and does his bad Trump impression, it turns out to be really funny. The scary zoom audience found it really fun. Even though he made sum special jokes back in the year. It is funny because the man says funny stuff in a wrong way.

This episode of SNL felt a bit off at some parts because we did not get to see the audience’s live reaction. It was able to end with a touching tribute to Hal Willner, who was a sketch music producer for SNL for a longtime. He passed away due to some complication of coronavirus during the month. It captured something very important. It is that SNL is not just random stuff and people who do random things. The episode is actually a home for a good number of talented people who become family.

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