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Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson’s Mother Makes Cameo Connected to Quarantine Rap

Recently, Pete Davidson’s mother actually showed up on SNL. This happened during Pete’s rap which was called Stuck In The House. Let me tell you, it was very entertaining especially with the quarantine. Besides that, Pete actually brought in Adam Sandler. This was way too fun as well. They both wrote a special song for the ongoing pandemic, together.

Family Got Involved at Davidson House

These are difficult times. However, during the quarantine, many are with their families. So, in the music video, family also showed up. They ended up getting involved in it. Pete joked that he was hiding from his mother. His mother, Amy Davidson showed up in there and Pete was behind the door.

Pete then said this, “Sick of watching shows and talking on Zoom, hiding from my mum in the bathroom.”. Now, most of us can relate to the guy for the Zoom part. We all are using it and we have been pretty involved in the app because of the sessions.

What Else Did He Say?

Pete then said, “Sick of the same old questions, how’s it going? What you binging? How you living? What’s for dinner?” Soon after this, we were taken to the Sandler household. In my opinion, the whole music video was pretty awesome. Why? Because the whole thing is relatable for many families, even mine.

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Moving Over to the Sandler House

In this part of the video, we see Jackie Sandler, she is Adam Sandler’s wife. Now, we all know him. He is super funny. He started off by making fun of the ‘special masks’ which people are making out undies. Besides that, he also made fun of the ongoing trend on social media platforms. Here, it was for the one where people share pics of banana bread, made at the comfort of people’s own home.

He sang the line, “Stuck with my fam I can’t get out, for like two months spent on my couch.”  While all of this happened, Pete was having way too much fun. He did some random fun gestures and said that he is going crazy. Well, to me, he can’t be more right. Everyone is going crazy right now and there is just too much tension around the world.

Adam’s children and wife became part of the video and thanked the people who are on the frontlines battling this virus and helping people.

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