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Sarah Hyland has come up after getting disappointment by Haley’s final arc on Modern Family

The show ‘Modern Family’ season 11 will be close soon, as the confirmed date on April 8th the show will be off aired. Sarah Hyland who played the role of Dunphy, In her interview to a reputed magazine, said that her disappointment is genuine as she is disappointed with her character’s final storyline.
The writer of the Show Helen Jung clarifies that she disappoints is inappropriate because Sarah’s character didn’t get ending as she deserves the role, so it will continue on the show.

She also said that she will for the audience not see Haley owned her badassery in the world of fashion to become a badass stylish.
As in season 9, Haley killed with her style and with the ridiculous name that has inspired the lifestyle brand. In season 11, Haley got pregnant and gets married also gave birth to twins, one named Poppy and Another George. Then it followed to motherhood.
There is not much storyline in Haley’s life. And so Hyland cleared the air that she has no issues regarding her role in the show, she is still satisfied and she said that the storyline of the show has explored many dimensions of women’s life. Especially, the life of a mother, she played the role of an amazing mother and as a professional aspect of the women can be seen on the show.

Haley famed actor said that there are mothers who are very hard working on the professional front as well as on the family aspect. She has got less screentime in the final season of the show. Hyland refers this to her less appearance on Instagram story.
When her grandfather died on that day on the set of a show she hasn’t read the script of the episode and she found that her role was not on the script that day. So, she left the set and went to attend the funeral of her grandfather.
In season 11 this is seen that Haley who is the oldest daughter of Claire and Phill Dunphy. Who played the role of boy- obsessed teenager and then as a wife and now her role is ending in the show as she is playing the role of a mother.

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