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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Release Date on Netflix Fans Are Curious to Know About the Update

Horror and Comedy individually have been the two most popular genres of shows. But a balance point, it could be achieved between these two elements, would have been really fantastic. Netflix did try to achieve that balance by creating a Santa Clarita Diet, which was billed as a unique Horror Comedy. But the audience was not much impressed with the show. Thus the ratings dropped and eventually the show had to be scrapped by Netflix. Here are some details that we do have about Season 4 of the show.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Plot Details

This unique Horror Comedy had a unique premise. It revolved around the life of a couple, Sheila and Joel. Suddenly Sheila had eaten a piece of bread, and then she had become a zombie. She had started praying on human flesh which filled her appetites. Sheila also developed a cult for her, which started following her as their leader. In the finale of Season 3, we saw that Sheila was able to convince Joel to become a zombie. At that instance, the creepy character of Mr. Balls crept into the ears of Sheila. Joel had a bit that off and had then he became a zombie himself too. Thus the couple now became completely engrossed in eating human flesh at night. The more they bit other humans, the more the number of this anomaly increased.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Release Date

Season 3 of the show released in 2019. Netflix had spent a considerable amount of time in determining whether they would renew the show or not. News confirmed that if they would, the release would take place in March 2020. But in reality Season 3 has been the last one for the show. There are no more updates about the show on the internet as well. It is very unclear whether Netflix scrapped the show or whether the ongoing pandemic has resulted in its disruption. I guess we won’t be able to know until the situation is normalized.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Cast Details

Drew Barrymore in the show plays the role of Sheila. The role of Joel is played by Timothy Olyphant. The supporting cast consist of actors like Natalie Morales, Ramona Young and Skyler Gisondo.