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San Diego comic-con cancelled due to Coronovirus

The coronavirus pandemic has affected most of the big events that were scheduled to happen this year around the world. This is being done to avoid mass gathering that could accelerate the spread of COVID-19. Same is the case with Comic-Con San Diego the world’s largest pop culture gatherings, which has been cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic.

About the event San Diego comic-con:

San Diego Comic-Con International is a non-profit entertainment and comic book convention which is held annually in San Diego, California, United States. It was founded in 1970 by Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry and the event goes on for four days. It’s an annual showcase of comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts. It also showcases various superhero film and is a celebration of pop culture.

The event became even bigger because it became a platform where TV networks and movie producers could promote their upcoming movie and programmes. Last year Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman came to promote their upcoming movie from Walt Disney Co’s, Marvel Studios and Tom Cruise telling about his role in the new Top Gun movie. The event attracts billion-dollar franchises and 135,000 fans from across the world. It is estimated that $88 million is spent by the people who attend the event each year and it adds $149 million to the region’s economy.

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Why has the event been cancelled:

The organizers of the event have announced that the event has been cancelled due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The spokesperson for the organisation said that extraordinary time requires difficult actions to be taken, though they are saddened with the decision, they have no other option. The organizers said that according to the health advisory and the instructions by the Governor of California it is clear that it is not possible to organise the event this year. The spokesperson added at the end that “We eagerly look forward to the time when we can all meet again and share in the community we all love and enjoy.”

Will the badges for Comic-Con 2020 be refunded:

Those who have purchased badges for Comic-Con 2020 will have two options, they could either apply for a refund or they could transfer those badges to Comic-Con 2021. Those who have the badges will receive a mail by next week on how to apply for a refund or transfer their ticket to 2021 event. The exhibitors will also get a similar option.