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SAARC Nations Among 30 Asking India to Remove Export Ban on Key Drugs

What’s the matter about:

Many countries are facing the problem of shortage of many types of drugs at a time when coronavirus is spreading like fire all across the world. Now all the countries have their eyes on India which is the global leader when it comes to the production of generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients. These drugs include a range of drugs like pain-killers, anti-malarial drugs, albuterol or inhalers, and sedatives like fentanyl, most of these drugs are used for the patient on a ventilator. India has banned the export of most of the pharmaceutical products including anti-malarial drug hydroxy-chloroquine.

Why India banned the export of Drugs:

India has banned the export of 26 API and drug formulations which include hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug after the number of cases of COVID-19 started rising in March. As the export of medicine could have affected the availability of the drug within the country and this could have been a great set back for us in the fight against coronavirus. These drugs are being given to health care workers treating the patient and also to the patient affected by the virus.

The effect of the export ban on the world:

The export ban affected other countries badly as they are now suffering from a shortage of Drugs. 30 countries including SAARC nation and countries like the UAE and US have requested India to ease the ban. American president Donald Trump issued a statement and asked India to ease the ban and allow the export of medicine already ordered by it.

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Whats government thinking about it:

Ministry of External Affair has decided that it will have a look at the stock of hydroxychloroquine every week and then will decide whether the drugs could be supplied to its partners. India government is looking into the matter and they are analysing the internal demands and also the boost in production required to meet up to the external demands. Members of Indian industries and Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal had a meeting on Sunday and the industrialist raised their concern over that if the ban was not revoked India could lose the market to the Chinese drug companies.