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Russian Doll Season 2 : Every Latest You Should Know About This Comedy Series

Russian Doll season 2 is on its way to Netflix. Netflix is yet to give out more information on this tv series. The first season of this dark comedy series received positive response from the audience. They are waiting for another season of it right now. However, we have to expect that there might be production delays due to the ongoing pandemic.

When will Russian Doll season 2 release?

Since, Netflix has not made any official announcement yet, it is pretty hard to give out a release date. However, we can expect the second season to be out in 2021. When Netflix makes an official announcement, we will get to know more about the exact release date.

Cast for Russian Doll season 2

There have not been any official updates about the cast by Netflix. It can be expected that some of the cast would remain the same as in season one. Nadia being played by Natasha Lyonne. John Reyes, Greta Lee, Elizabeth Ashley and some others will maybe come back.

Plot of Russian Doll season 2

Firstly, the second season will continue where the first one left off. We will see from where Nadia dies while she is trying to find her cat. During this life and death loop, she comes across another lady who is facing the same exact situation. They must now work together to find a solution to get out from this loop.

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Of course, the production must have been put on hold due to the worldwide pandemic and lockdowns. Like mostly every tv series and movies, Russian Doll will also be affected. As of right now, there has not been any teaser or a proper trailer.

However, we can expect that Netflix will start the productions and get back to work after there is relief. Netflix will start producing and finishing the different series including Russian Doll. They will also give out a release date for it soon enough.

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