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No lions and tiger were put by russia President over Lockdown

A post on social media is going viral which claims that approx eight hundred of Tigers and Lions were freed to move out on the street of Russia during Lockdown. The post claims that this was done to force the public to live inside their home and this is the strategy of Russian president Vladimir Putin to push the public inside the home due to lockdown. This post went viral on twitter with thousands of re-tweets.

But according to many fact-checked reports by Daily Mail states that this is fake news circulated over social media, this picture is an old photo from Johannesburg in South Africa which was capture in the year 2016.

This viral post is been several times re-tweeted in India. Several Indian citizens have compared the lookdown in Russia with two weeks of lockdown in India to control the spreading of Coronavirus pandemic outbreak across the globe. The many comments on this post are criticizing the approach of Putin.

The tweet has got ten thousand likes and shared several times. The tweet includes a picture of a lion roaming on the street and another photo of Putin with a caption that states that Russian President Vladimir Putin has two option to make people live in their homes by making the law that those who don follow lockdown will be punished for two years jail or another option is Putin has dropped eight hundred tigers and lions all over the country’s street to force people to live inside their homes during lockdown also this post has a message to stay in the home.

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Whereas, this tweet has spread rumors online and which has been followed up as the breaking news on many news channels. While in the amid of Coronavirus outbreak there is rise in fake news on social media creating fear and misinforming the people across the world.