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“Russia Drop Lion and Tiger” By President Vladimir Putin For Coronavirus The News is Totally Fake All Details Here

As you know the corona virus or you can say the covid 19 pandemic is spreading in all over the world and create a situation of panic and stress for everyone. Because of this stress and panic many fake news are going viral in every country and every part of the world. Some days ago a panic situation rather than the covid 19 is spreading in Russia and the news is that the Russia government is dropping the lion and tigers out of the zoo or the centuries, this news create a panic and the stress situation between the people of Russia, people are not going out of their house because of the covid 19 and after this fake news people also stop going out for their important work also.

The fake is spread by the Russian media and this news is confirmed by European Union document. The Russian media started a campaign for spreading the wrong information for making the situation worst of corona virus; they do this for again of West. The EU document confirms that the campaign is showing fake news in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German language. 

After the confirmation of that the news is fake people feeling some relax from this situation.


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