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Rupert Grint Appears To Be Expecting 1st Child As GF was Spotted With Apparent Baby Bump

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and his long time girlfriend Georgia Groome the actor who worked in movies like Angus, Thongs, And Perfect Snogging might be expecting their first child. On April 9 they were seen in Whole Foods in North London when they stepped out of their house for supplies during the coronavirus lockdown. But the one thing which caught everyone’s attention was a growing baby bump which indicated of her being pregnant.

About their relationship:

The couples have been together since 2011 and in the year 2019, there were rumours of two getting married after which they were seen wearing a matching ring which made the fans to believe that both have got married secretly. Though the pregnancy rumour is not yet confirmed if she is pregnant they will become a first-time dad.

What were they doing outside and what were they wearing:

They were seen out on streets as they went to buy groceries in Whole Foods in North London amid coronavirus lockdown. Rupert was wearing a black ensemble with a black tee and jeans with dark sneakers on which he had a navy blue jacket and an army green baseball cap. Georgia was seen in a black graphic tee, black leggings and white sneakers and also she didn’t put up any makeup and was showing her natural beauty.

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About Georgia Nicholson and Rupert Grint:

The actress is best known for her role in films like flick Angus, Thongs and Excellent Snogging which made her famous in the year 2008. Whereas Rupert is a star who is known by everyone for his role in the film Harry Potter as Ron Weasley a film which ended in 2011. After the completion of the Harry Potter series, he focused on TV shows and did many famous TV shows which include Servant, Sick Note, and Snatch.