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Runescape’s Newly Archaeology Update You Need to Know

RuneScape new skills Archaeology release date has been announced by Jagex. It will be released by the end of next month on March 30th. The Cambridge based game studio is releasing its new skills after four years. It will make you uncover powerful weapons and lost artefacts in the world of Gielinor.

At present, there are 27 skills in the game on which your character of the game depends and Archaeology will be the 28th skill which will have a maximum skill level of 120. There are around 20 levels in two hours of Archaeology content. Users can now get precious artefacts from various dig sites from which you could get rare items.

Now you will have access to new skills like involves gathering, manufacturing, and trading. New features include a blueprint for making new equipment, the power to summon the ancient creature and use them as a pet also you will get to see many new types of weapon. RuneScape has five new Archaeology dig sites added in which you have to search for treasure which is the desert city of Al-Kharid the Khalid-Et biome, vampiric lands of Morytania, Orthen and the Wilderness area known as the Infernal Sword.

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