Rumors of Liam Hemsworth Losing ‘The Witcher’ Has Henry Cavill Fans Sharpening Their Knives Once Again

the witcher

via Netflix

Update March 1, 7:45 pm CT: A representative for Liam Hemsworth responded to We Got This Covered’s request for comment about the rumored defamation suit against Miley Cyrus, which we have been told is ‘totally false.’

It’s fairly safe to say that devout fans of both Henry Cavill as well as Andrzej Sapowski’s The Witcher universe were less than pleased when the Man of Steel star and Netflix revealed he would be stepping away from the titular role, and Liam Hemsworth would be taking up his mantle. 

While the dust has mostly settled, and the fandom has reached a state of begrudging acceptance, it appears that Hemsworth’s gig as Geralt of Rivia may not be very secure, if we’re to believe a supposed court document that has been circulating on Twitter.

Rumor has it that Hemsworth is reportedly bringing a defamation case against his ex-wife Miley Cyrus over her recent single “Flowers.” Additional speculation claims that Hemsworth has filed the rumored suit due to the song damaging him to a point where he’s about to lose his role in the hit Netflix series. 

Seems a little far-fetched considering Cyrus’ single isn’t much more than your run-of-the-mill “post-breakup healing” tune, doesn’t make direct mention of the Hunger Games star – and even the lyrical subtext doesn’t necessarily paint him as a villain. Nevertheless, Henry Cavill fans are taking any shred of hope they can get, dogpiling the actor alongside devout Miley Cyrus followers:

As of right now, the whole fiasco is all rumors and hearsay, but the social media sentiment around the whole matter is that if Hemsworth is in fact launching a legal battle against his ex to save face as well as his gig, he’s certainly on the losing side. He’s also not winning many people over despite the new energy he is supposed to be bringing to Geralt of Rivia. 

We Got This Covered has reached out to Liam Hemsworth’s team for comment.