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Roman Reigns Spotted in Netflix the Wrong Missy

There’s all-new news that Roman Reigns has recently uploaded a clip that shows his appearance in the wrong Missy in Netflix along with actor David spade. This is the second film of WWE player Roman Reigns. The very first movie of Roman was ‘Hobbs and shaw’ which was released last year. The clip was posted on Instagram by Roman Reigns. The clip shows Roman playing the role of Camille’s husband Mr. Smith.

Reviews of People on Roman’s Post

After the post of Roman, people seemed to be really excited about the new movie by Roman. There were so many comments and likes displaying the fan following and excitement for the all-new movie. People really appreciated that their WWE player is now taking part in movies and films.

What Is the Film All About?

The wrong Missy is a comedy movie for Netflix whose director is Tyler Spindel. And the writer of this movie is Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas.

The movie is having stars like Spade, Lauren lapkus Nick Swardson, Smith, Reigns, Jorge Garcia, Sara Chalke and Rob Schneider. The movie is originally developed in the country of the United States with English as its official language. The movie is released on May 13, 2020.

Running time: 1 hour 29 minuted

Reviews That the Movie Received

There are various comments on social media regarding the movie and the majority of these comments include appreciation and less criticism. The audience found this film good enough and funny enough to spend their time in lockdown. They enjoyed watching Roman on Netflix screens. Roman, being a WWE wrestler, is a really good actor too. He is loved by the audience for his performances and acting.

Currently, this movie is streaming on Netflix. Go watch and post your reviews.

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