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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Costume Revealed in Official Batsuit Video

Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit has at last been authoritatively uncovered in another test video by executive Matt Reeves. Creation on The Batman began half a month prior in London, so fans have been wanting to at long last get an uncover of what the most up to date emphasis of the caped crusader would resemble.

About this official Batsuit video

On Thursday, The Batman executive and co-essayist Matt Reeves posted a camera trial of Pattinson on his own Vimeo channel. The 55-second video looks as though it was shot in a darkroom, with the Dark Knight scarcely lit by a red sparkle. Pattinson strolls toward the camera in moderate movement, uncovering the metal bat-image implanted in his chest plate.

At that point the camera dish up to show his shoulder defensive layer and his cowl, which gives off an impression of being made of calfskin or some other texture, in light of the sewing along the edge. (The “camera test” is by all accounts a pattern with DC motion pictures, with Joker executive Todd Phillips having flaunted Joaquin Phoenix’s outfit and cosmetics in mid-2018.)

Robert Pattinson’s Batman look 

Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit is by all accounts going for a reinforced look, like the one Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne wore in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. I find most fascinating that as opposed to just being a logo planned on the outfit, the Bat-emblem appears as though it fills in as a weapon that can be expelled from the chest plate and utilized as a Batarang. Concerning the cowl, it would seem that it was quickly collected, explicitly with the harsh cowhide stamps around the eyes that are recognizable when you light up the screen.

Taking into account that The Batman follows Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne while he’s still ahead of schedule into his crime fighting profession, it bodes well that his outfit wouldn’t be as refined contrasted with what he’d be wearing as a prepared veteran.


No particular plot insights concerning The Batman have been uncovered at this point, however Matt Reeves, who additionally co-composed the content with Mattson Tomlin, has said it will highlight a “nearly noir-driven, analyst adaptation” of the eponymous hero. It’s additionally been reputed that the motion picture is based off The Long Halloween storyline, which saw Batman following a sequential executioner in Gotham City for a year.

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