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Riverdale Season 5: Fan Theories, Release Date, Plot and Is There Any Confirmed Cast ?

Riverdale is another American television series, basically a teen drama based on the characters of the most famous Archie Comics. Surprisingly, the show isn’t a rom-com, or a teenage coming of age drama or a sit-com but instead a mystery genre. Yes, the most famous, fun and, harmless white comic books have turned into an intriguing, pulpy and, dark genres.

Only after watching a couple of starting episodes, you will realize that the creators have managed to pull this off and how. In just a short time it has created a cult fan base who just can’t seem to get enough of the show. Indeed, this popular teen-drama has turned into a huge franchise and this obsession is not going to end any sooner now. 

 When Is the Release Date of Riverdale?

Now my viewers, tighten your seat belts because the CW has finally given the green signal for the 5th season of the show. Keeping in view, the release pattern of the previous seasons it is likely that the trailer for the show will be released by the end of the summer this year and the show will on air during October.

But the catch is all this will only be possible if they are done with the production and shooting for the season because as far as it is known the recent production of the company has been halted due to the global pandemic.

Riverdale Season 5 Cast of the Show

As we have watched it in the earlier seasons, the characters of the show are a modern-day and relevant adaptation of the comic. Each and everyone has a pretty multi-dimensional nature. For season 5 of the show, we will get to see the gangs one more time on our screens. Our favorites Veronica, Archie, Betty and most likely Jughead too will be back for a bunch of episodes.

Riverdale Season 5: What Are the Expected Plot and Fan Theories?

Now here’s a little a spoiler-free plot. There are already so many speculations regarding this but one thing we can say with certainty is that we will get to witness the dark side of Betty yet again and indeed Veronica will prove herself as a young businesswoman by taking on some more properties. The biggest question about the story remains that whether Jughead will actually be a part of the season or not. But there is a possibility of the return of Jughead in season 5. Based on this, so far we are pretty sure that this is going be one of the most insane season of the show so far.

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