Risk of Rain 2 Hidden Realms Update and Details to Unlock Acrid Cheat

Risk of Rain 2 game has come up with an update in the form of Update 1.04 which include new locations, new bosses, and a new class to the game. Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.04 will be the third major content update and is known as Hidden Realms. The maker of the game has focused on expanding the game base and have also added lots of fun and excitement to the game. A new character Acrid will make its entry into the game which is a poison-spewing lizard-dog. There are hidden realms and the current realms have been given a new layout and they have been given a new visual flair.

The updates are as follows: Unlock Acrid Cheat

1. Passive: A new type of poison, in certain fights poison, is needed though poison can only damage the enemy but cannot kill it.

2. Primary Fire: It is used to give vicious wounds to the enemy and every third hit in this have double damage over the enemy.

3. Secondary Fire: It is used to spit toxic bile Neurotoxin at the enemy such that it damages and poisons the enemy.

4. Utility: It is a caustic leap into the air that is used to leap into the air, damage the enemy through impact, used to stun the enemy and leaves a pool of acid that can damage the enemy.

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5. Special: It is a type of epidemic that release a poison that damages the enemy and the disease spreads up to 20 targets.

6. New Bosses and Monster: Many new bosses and monster have been added like The Scavenger boss and Void Reaver monster, also a secret boss will be involved in the fight.

7. New Hidden Realms: Two new hidden realms have been added that need to be discovered.

8. Alternative Layouts: Some maps like Titanic Plains and Distant Roost have been given a completely new layout.

9. New Items, Equipment, Lunars and more: Many new types of equipment and arsenal have been added which include two new Lunar items, Adaptive Chests, Overgrown 3D Printer, seven new items, and new equipment called the Jade Elephant.

How To Unlock Acrid:

1. First, use a Lunar Coin to reach the Bazaar Between Worlds.

2. From there drop down and then press the Null Portal which will lead you to a new void hidden realm.

3. In the Void, you will get the Bubble Shield then activate it and defend the area.

4. Activate all 9 Bubble Shields and charge them up to 100 per cent.

Acrid will automatically unlock once you activate all 8 bubbles.