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Risk of Rain 2 Characters, Plot, and Confirmed Release Date

Gaming is perhaps the most popular activity for a majority of teenagers today. To get hooked up to a PlayStation or an Xbox, seems quite common. The kind of games that are on offer have incredible gameplay and visually moving graphics. Gamers too have become a viable professional activity, with some earning in millions. Live streaming of action multiplayer games is also a relatively common phenomenon these days. Multiple genres like action, strategy and simulation are increasing in popularity. Some of them truly have become global phenomenon, like Risk of Rain.

First installment of this game was a huge hit among the fans. They had since been waiting for a second part to the game. It was released last year not only on PlayStation and Xbox but also on Android version.

Risk of Rain 2: Plot

With a simplistic plot and a varied gameplay, Risk of Rain is on top of any gamer’s list. Action revolves around multiple hero characters which the gamer can choose. They then have to operate the characters through different levels. Main objective is to find a teleporting device, which will help them reach their planet. But whenever the device is activated, large number of aliens attack them. Monster bosses too accompany the aliens. The heroes have to fight them and overcome their challenge. With increase in level, the difficulty to operate in game increases.

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Players can also access the goodies in the inventory. They are unlocked after each and every boss is killed. These include new heroes, multiple weapons and increased strength and agility. Activation of these effects increases the power of the heroes and the impact their blows could have. Mission is accomplished after the boss monsters and the aliens are killed while the story continues to a new conquest.

Risk of Rain 2: Characters

Biggest transition made by the game was changing from 2D to 3D graphics. This brought about new multiple characters in the game. Some of them were already present from the first part. Nine characters in total are there in the game. Commando is the default unlocked character. Huntress, Engineer and MUL- T are other important characters. Some other new additions are Artificer, Mercenary, Leader, Rex and Acrid.

Risk of Rain 2: Release Date

The game had a universal release in the year 2019 August. Since then the second part has become an even bigger hit. Although there is some discontent about the plot. Overall the game has received a good review.