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Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2: Finally Here Is the Confirmed Date, Cast and Plot

Rick and Morty has been a very popular series across all the streaming platforms. Adventures of a psychologically disbalanced scientist and his grandson, has drawn constant cheers from people of all ages.

First part of the show was recently released. Since then the fans have been waiting for a sequel to that and their wishes have been granted.

Plot of Rick and Morty Part 2 Season 4

This series majorly concerns around the activities of a scientist grandfather and his equally eccentric grandson. Both of them are involved in experiments which fail to hilarious extent and draws out much comedy.

Season 4 is supposed to show Morty and Rick inviting aliens from outer space. When their preliminary plans fail, they are forced to confront these extraterrestrial beings. Both of them have to survive their onslaught and move on.

Part 2 of this season will also see Rick performing exorcism on his grandfather. This activity will again be a major failure bringing out the comic elements of the show. Their laboratory activities will also be greatly scrutinized.

Fans Expectations from Part 2 Season 4

Teenagers from all around the world has been the majority audience spectrum of the show. Not only does the funny bit attract them, but the science involved is also quite entertaining.

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One liners used by both Rick and Morty have been well documented as quotes on the Internet. This endearing relationship between a grandfather and his notorious grandson has been a relief factor amidst all the chaos prevalent in the world of today’s fractured family relationships.

Release Date of Part 2 Season 4

Fans were extremely happy when they heard that the production team had come up with an exact release date. The timeline for this show allows one episode in every week. Makers have also decided to shift the streaming platform from Netflix to USA Network.

Although the previous seasons are still available there, the new part 2 will be telecasted in American News Network. May 3rd, 2020 has been decided as the release date. Fans are advised to mark their calendars. Their excitement would know no bounds when the show is shown on the TV Network.