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Rick and Morty season 4 Episode six to return in March

The Pair of Sociopath Grandfather and witty Grandson is back on Netflix on 10th November 2019. Five episodes of the season four have already been aired and the 5 episode last aired on 15th December, 2019.

Rick and Morty – Adult Scifi sitcom is created by  Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The series was originally created for Cartoon Network’s Adult swim. It streams on Netflix.

What is it about ?

Rick , who is a sociopath and scientist moves in with his daughter. He is welcomed into the family by everyone expect Jerry – His son in law. Rick uses Jerry’s garage as his personal laboratory where he works with sci-fi gadgets , some of them are dangerous. He also keeps swinging between his domestic life and interdimensional advertures with his Grandson Morty.

Season 4 episode 6 return date

First five episodes of season 4 have already been released by adult swim with one week’s gap in each. Those episodes have done pretty well.
Release date of the episode 6 is not announced officially yet but we expect it to be on air by March 2020.
Season 1 of Rick and Morty also had the gap between first and last 6 episodes. We hope that episode 6 returns soon.

What will be the plot ?

The story of the show has always been very random with it’s weird characters. In season 4 , we saw that Rick dies many times and gets reborn again to avoid being in Nazi world. Rick built a love finding app which went all wrong.
We will get to see lustful dragons in season 4.
Morty has messed up with timeline.
We don’t know when the episode will return but we are pretty sure that whenever it will , fans will have the fun time with Rick and Morty

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