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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6: Info on Release Date and Where to Watch the Episode ?

Most of the shows out there, have been either delayed, paused or indefinitely postponed. Same thing had happened with Rick and Morty, according to the fans. However, the show will be returning on May 3rd, 2020. I wish we could bring Meeseeks here, in the real world. Those cuties would probably take on the coronavirus if asked. Well, now that we are stuck inside our homes, we might as well have some entertainment.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date and Timing

The animated series will be coming back on May 3rd, 2020. You can go ahead and watch it on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It will be airing at 11:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Now, right now, people would categorise this delay as a coronavirus delay but fans can just think of it as a midseason break. Out of the total 10 episodes for this season, five have already released. This means it could be called a midseason break.

It will be available on Netflix after the season ends, hopefully. However, if you do not have CN to watch the show, you can watch live on Hulu Plus Live TV. You are also free to watch it on HBO Max.

Trailer for the New Episode

Go ahead and watch this trailer of the new episode. We see Goomby, a new cute character. He seems a bit alone in the trailer.

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Stories in the First Five Episodes

The whole Rick and Morty series does not have a long-lasting story that it needs to follow. That is its charm. You can watch it to relax and just chill. The stories are for one episode so it keeps you in the moment.

During the first episode, we see something very strange and cool. Rick shows Morty some special alien crystals. These crystals hold the power to show people their death. Well, Rick showed Morty and we can guess the reaction.

During the second episode, we see Rick and also his toilet? He loves it way more than a normal person for sure. For the third episode, we saw Mr. Poopybutthole again. Fourth episode really brought happiness to me. We saw that Morty get himself a dragon. It did not turn out as good as it did for Khaleesi. Fifth episode brought us some awesome time-travelling snakes from space.

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