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Rian Johnson Says He’s Unlikely to Make a Horror Movie, Because of His Childhood What Happen With Him

Yes you read it right!

Rian Craig Johnson: He is an American movie maker and is also a very good writer. This filmmaker was born on December 17, 1973 in Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.

He has been working from 1995 and was married to Karina Longworth in 2018.

Famous Works of Rian Craig Johnson

He has created many successful movies with excellent storyline and performances. He directed the movie Brick in 2005, The Brothers in 2008. In 2012, he launched Looper and in 2017, he directed the most popular movies of all time, that is, Star wars : The last Jedi. And then, Knives out in 2019. Knives out was even selected for Golden Globe Award for Best motion picture and also was nominated for the Academy Award Best Original Screenplay.

Read Why Rian Johnson Refused to Make Horror Movies Now

Rian Johnson has literally knowledge about every single genre in the movie industry and he has researched on each one of them thoroughly. He created mystery movie like Knives out, Sci-fi movie like Looper and adventure based film like Star wars: The last Jedi. Horror is the only genre in which he hasn’t made anything.

Recently, a webinar was hosted this week with Karyn Kusama where Johnson was also involved. Johnson told about his favourite horror movies and told why he would not go for creation of scary films.

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Johnson told everyone that his family was religious from all their heart and therefore, he was never given permission to watch such horror intense material. He said it’s a genre with which I’m not connected mentally and emotionally.

What Else We Got to Know From Johnson

But he told about his inspiration received from various horror movies which consisted of Alien by Ridley Scott in 1979 and Under the skin directed by Jonathon Glazer in the year 2013.

He considered Under the Skin in the list of his top five horror movies. Also, Kusama also told that all of her movies are in horror genre only and she also told about her experiences in the webinar.