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Rey Mysterio Cause of Death? Fan Are Worried to Know About WWE Superstar

Rey Mysterio Cause of death? Fans are worried to know about wwe superstar. We all know how Rey Mysterio was thrown off the roof of WWE headquarters. It gave chills down the spine to every Rey Mysterio fan ever!

The fans are consecutively questioning if Rey Mysterio is really dead after the shocking event that took place. It all started when WWE Money in the Bank 2020 ladder matches were announced to take place at the roof of the WWE headquarters.

However, the fans started making wild guesses on how the stars would throw each other off the roof. The guesses turned true as King Corbin threw Rey Mysterio as well as Aleister Black off the roof!

As of the reports so far, it has been said that the Matches were shot beforehand. Also announcing how the WWE stars are safe and healthy.

But this won’t stop the fans from sending their condolences and love to both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. They still are searching for clues to see if their superstars are really alive!

Rey Mysterio Dead? : Fan Reactions to the Incident

A lot of them send condolences to the WWE star through Twitter, literally Mourning for him. Some even posted RIP posts for both the stars.

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Some people even created memes! Maybe they knew, this all was a hoax. From coffin dance to memes of Money in the Bank 2020, some fans knew this all was made up for increasing the views.

However, some were relieved after a fan posts how they both landed on a mattress after getting thrown off. Few fans also heard how they landed on a mattress during the live featuring.

Rey Mysterio Trending on Twitter

WWE had told the fans how they wont be seeing Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black for a while. The sudden turn of events made hashtags like #MITB #RIPReyMysterio #WWE trending across social media. This created a mild panic among the diehard ones.

The video of them falling onto a mattress did bring a lot of relief among the fans. Social media platforms made discussions on professional wrestling.

Money in the Bank 2020 Ladder Match

The show got more views than expected this time. Looks like framing this ul helped things spice up a bit. MITB became one of the trending topics after the turn of tables.

We all are relieved that Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black are well and alive.

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