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Restaurants on the Edge Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Updates

The show is about a group of professionals going deep into the wild side of food. They go out into the world and find the different locations where the food and cooking are different. Their group consists of Dennis Prescott, Nick Liberato and Karin Bohn. The special thing about a show like this is that they tend to bring out the hunger in people. That is why they love them.  Restaurants on the Edge season 3 will release this year, hopefully.

The show is created by Courtney Hazlett. It is a Netflix Original TV series. Besides this, the show has released its first season and it became popular quickly. The group of professional will be travelling to many different countries in search of different kinds of food.

Release Date for Restaurants on the Edge season 3

The third season is expected release during the third quarter of 2020. However, it is possible that the show will have to be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The first season released this year. Besides that, the second season is set to release in May 2020. The show seems to release at every quarter of a year. That is the reason for our expectations about the third season.

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Cast Details for Restaurants on the Edge Season 3

There is much to talk about the cast here. This is an unscripted show and the cast play themselves. Hence, we can say that Karin Bohn, Nick Liberato and Dennis Prescott will be back to show for another season.

We do hope that there will be some guest stars but that is up to the showrunners.

Plot for Restaurants on the Edge season 3

Now, this show is about a group of professionals who travel around the world in search of different and unique cuisines. It is not like a normal cooking show. We get to learn so much about the culture and locations of the places.

Also, people love these kinds of shows. It brings so much hunger and it just feels good to see that there is so much in the world that most people have not seen. Nonetheless, the third season of the show is sure to bring much more to the table, literally. We can expect the cast to travel to many unique locations and taste the different cuisines.

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