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Resident Evil Season 1 Air Date, Cast, Plot and Other Information

Here comes one more new series to trend on Netflix named Resident Evil. As per updates and features collected, this is based on video games like The Witcher or Castlevania which have already made big hits on the screen so there is no doubt in Resident Evil seasons for success.

Already there is a Resident Evil movie rework in progress. Johannes Roberts has been directing the movie. According to him, the movie will move back to the survival horror roots of the original games. Though the storyline for movies and series may not be exactly confirmed no one can assume if they are interconnected or vice versa.

Release Date of The Resident Evil Season 1

As the COVID – 19 pandemic is creating a disturbance in all sectors so as of now the production of the Series -1 The Resident Evil has been on hold due to lockdown, so the release date might get extended to anytime by 2021 because there have been no official announcements as of now. So there is nothing more rather than to wait.

Plot of The Resident Evil Season 1

Since there are no official updates but still some rumors have been considered saying that it might have eight episodes of one hour each which will focus on the inner world of the umbrella corporation. Not much information has been revealed about the plot so just analyzation is saying everything but Albert Wexler and William Birkin might give an appearance.

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Other Information about The Resident Evil Season 1

Rumors have been saying that it could be a live-action series and it also may franchise can for an anime version. The series took a very long time to arrive and to be screened on Netflix.

Also, there have been eight installments to the series and Capcom has invited members of its Resident Evil Ambassadors program for the test of an unrevealed game and it gave the 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of the series The Resident Evil. So all we can do is we can wait for the pandemic to get over such that the release date might be exposed officially as soon as possible.