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Resident Evil 8 Characters, Rumors, Release Date and All You Need to Know

After the excellent remake of the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 which were a great hit now Capcom’s is coming up with Resident Evil 8 which will be next in the Capcom’s survival horror franchise.

There were rumours about the Resident Evil 8 release and the rumours have increased a lot in the year 2020. The new resident evil game is believed to bring in new gameplay elements and freakish new enemies and also is expected to introduce many new characters.

Resident Evil 8 release date:

Biohazard Declassified which is a fansite of Resident Evil released some information about the new game. The new title for the game is Resident Evil VIII: Village. The game is expected to release in the early months of 2021. According to Twitter user @AestheticGamer1 who is an alleged leaker the game was a part of series Resident Evil Revelations but later was converted into Resident Evil 8 and according to him, the game will be released within few months.

Resident Evil 8 Characters Rumour:

Ethan Winters who played the main role in Resident Evil 7 will be again the character around which Resident Evil 8 will run. Chris Redfield who was the part of reformed Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil 7 and appeared at the end of the game, it is speculated that she may have a bigger role in Resident Evil 8. Chris is expected to be featured in flashbacks and she may turn a villain at the end of the game. Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine who was recently seen in the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 may have a comeback in the game.

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Resident Evil 8 Plot Rumours:

At the end of Resident Evil 7 Ethan with the help of Chris Redfield defeating Eveline. a bioweapon infected the entire Baker family and turned them into a crazy murderer. Ethan and Mia were rescued by Redfield who was the part of Umbrella Corporation and turned good in the end. She rescued them from the Louisiana Baker compound with the help of Helicopter.

The game will feature Ethan and the story will set in a snowy rural village location in Europe and in some sort of castle. Many traditional zombies are speculated to be returning in the along with werewolf-like beasts, a ghost-like female spectre and even infamous Hook Man from early Resident Evil 4 is hoped to be returning in the game.